Destiny Drake West

The Woman that Working Families Need in Congress.


Economic Growth

A strong economy is critically important to the 6th District and is one of Destiny’s top priorities. She recognizes that small businesses and the local workforce are the backbone of our economy and will advocate for those who have lost income due to COVID-19. She champions tax relief for families, paid family and medical leave, and pay equality for all. While serving as a senior legislative analyst in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Destiny helped drive policy that expanded and diversified the U.S. workforce. She will build on that success as a member of Congress to help make the 6th district a more vibrant and prosperous place to live, work, and grow a business.

Affordable Housing

On any given night, more than half a million people experience homelessness in the United States. Across the 6th district, the lack of affordable housing units is hurting families that are facing housing insecurity, inflation, and financial hardship. By making housing affordable, Congress can position more people for homeownership and reduce the homeless population, which will strengthen the middle class and our overall economy.

While serving in the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Destiny led the Title V program, a Biden-Harris Administration priority that enables homeless assistance providers to use unutilized, underutilized, excess, and surplus Federal properties to assist people experiencing homelessness nationwide. Destiny believes that programs like Title V are both effective and fiscally responsible as reports show that each year, 2 million Americans receive assistance through Title V. In Congress, she will work to fully fund and scale up the Title V program to achieve optimal results.

Expanding Access to Healthcare

As a public health expert and a woman who has experienced multiple life-threatening ectopic pregnancies, Destiny’s number one priority in Congress will be ensuring access to high-quality, culturally competent, affordable health care for all people. She will leverage her expertise and relationships to pass bipartisan legislation aimed at strengthening the health workforce, eliminating cost barriers to care, and reducing health disparities among people of color, particularly Black/African American women.

Expanding and diversifying the health workforce is critically important to ensuring that every American has access to the care they need, when they need it. Having served in the United States Department of Health and Human Services at the Health Resources and Services Administration, Destiny understands the Federal health care landscape and recognizes opportunity gaps impacting the 6th district. She engages a multi-stakeholder, grassroots coalition to inform her public health policy agenda.

Investing in Public Education

We must invest in what we value, and Destiny values a society where every child, regardless of his or her background has access to a quality education that propels them toward success economically, socially, and culturally. As a mother of three children actively attending public schools in the district, Destiny knows that education is one of the most powerful ways to empower our youth and cultivate their unique talents and abilities. Our communities thrive when every student receives a quality education, regardless of their zip code or ability. Destiny pledges to work with educators and parents to strengthen public education in the district and across the nation.

Environmental Protection and Climate Action

Climate change is a scientific fact, a national security issue, and a fundamental environmental justice issue. Negative impacts of climate change disproportionately harm vulnerable populations in our society and threaten the sustainability of life on our planet. In Congress, Destiny will prioritize practical policy for District 6, based on science, not rhetoric. This includes providing Federal incentives and funding for local carbon reduction plans, pioneering carbon capture technology, and ensuring that the federal government leads climate resilience planning missions in every town and city across our district, state, and nation.

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